A place with soul, identity and passion, together with 25 years of history.

La Guarida del Angel is a 16th century palace house, whose walls have housed an ancient synagogue, a convent or an orphanage. The house has a courtyard with columns that support beautiful Mozarabic style arches. Since the 50's the enclosure was focused on the hospitality industry, accommodating restaurants and cocktail bars, until it became the concert hall we are today.

We are strategically located in one of the most representative areas of the city, the neighborhood of San Miguel, one of the most flamenco of the city, and with a strong personality. You cannot visit it without passing by the Plaza de las Angustias, the Chapel of La Yedra, the temple of San Miguel, the Hermitage of San Telmo, the Palace of Villapanes, the monument to La Paquera or the monument to Lola Flores. We are history.

We have three floors to accommodate all types of events.

Second floor

The main hall, located on the first floor, is equipped with lighting, projectors and professional sound, preceded by a majestic crystal chandelier and an excellent layout adaptable to all types of decoration depending on the event.

Second floor

It is a reserved space with comfortable sofas, bar and totally private services, ideal to provide a VIP service, adaptable to any type of event.

Third floor

It has totally private services and independent music, ideal for small events.

La Guarida del Angel is the only concert hall in Jerez de la Frontera that offers the greatest variety in musical genres. Flamenco, rock, pop, jazz, blues, soul...